Wedding Photo Booth

This is such a great idea, I have been hearing and thinking about this 'wedding/party' live photo booth a lot lately! I want to do it!!!

photo chick

The Fall and the Flood

As I drove to Fry's to buy more paper for open lab I found this abandoned movie theater and in the parking lot i discovered something beautiful...

playing around...

This image is polarized... kinda like it. Never really played around with this level of photoshopping, maybe I should start hanging around that cooper boy some more!


Old Car

I want to take more images like this... remembering what used to be.
Check out some other photographers that make a living photographing old cars here.

Good Times with the 4x5

I had to take this picture for my intro to portraiture class. It was an 'environmental' assignment! I had a lot of fun, but lugging that huge 4x5 camera and all the props was slightly difficult!

Photoshop skills...

Can you tell what is real and what is not?? Leave me a comment and tell me everything you think is 'fake'! Happy Hunting!